SAIB Attended the First Promotion Meeting of Risk Management System Project for the Object Falling Events from Buildings in Shanghai (2019-05-20)

On April 30, 2019, the first promotion meeting of Risk Management System Project for the Object Falling Events from the Buildings in Shanghai was held in Tongji University. As the council member of Institute for Urban Risk Management of Tongji University and the only company invited to attend the conference, SAIB attended the promotion meeting of the project. Deputy General Manager Mr. Wang Chengbao attended the meeting on behalf of the company and gave his speach.

At the promotion meeting, participants discussed the challenges brought by urban building object falling-events risk to the safe operation of the city and the management difficulties of it. Shanghai Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau, Shanghai Housing Security and Management Bureau, Shanghai Landscaping and City Appearance Administrative Bureau, Shanghai Housing Safety and Quality Supervision General Station, Shanghai Quality Supervision General Station of Building Material Market, Shanghai Property Management Center, Shanghai Housing Safety Supervision Institute, Shanghai Academy of Real Estate Science, Shanghai Construction Quality Management Association, Shanghai Research Institute of Building Science Group were all represented. Deputy Director of Shanghai Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau Mr. Zhang Zheng and executive vice president of Institute for Urban Risk Management of Tongji University Mr. Liu Jun introduced the preliminary vision and overall ideas of the project. Mr. Wang Chengbao, deputy general manager of SAIB, elaborated on the specific concept of the insurance plan in this project, and suggested that according to the combination of risk prevention and control and long-term mechanism, the third party should be introduced to detect and manage the risk source to ensure that the accident claims are not disputed.

As a top priority for Shanghai, urban security affects social stability and the safety of citizens’ lives and property. In recent years, object falling-events of various types of building attachments, such as outdoor advertising, air-conditioner hang-up machines and glass curtain walls, occurred frequently, causing great threats to the daily lives of the people. For a long time, through the designing of reasonable and effective insurance schemes, providing high-quality and thoughtful insurance brokerage services and arranging professional comprehensive risk management and control services, SAIB has continuously explored various aspects of urban safety prevention and control, and has been unanimously recognized and highly rated by customers and management departments. By participating in this project, SAIB will take advantage of its own insurance professionalism and use insurance as a market-based risk management tool to contribute to the refined management of public safety in Shanghai.