SAIB Continued to Provide Insurance Brokerage and Risk Control Services for the Longines Global Champions Tour (2019-05-10)

On May 5, 2019, the three-day 2019 Longines Global Champions Tour was successfully concluded. As the professional insurance consultant of the event sponsor, SAIB provided a full process of high quality insurance brokerage and risk management services for this large-scale international event for the third time in a row, which is highly recognized and praised by the sponsor.

In the 20 stations of the Global Equestrian Championships, the Longines Global Champions Tour is the only sub-station in Asia. As the highest-level five-star show jumping event in the world, quality and influence of the Longines Global Champions Tour were continuously improved under the elaborately crafting of all parties, which attracts more and more audiences, professionals and manufacturers to participate and witness the extraordinary “Shanghai Leap” and vigorous development of Chinese equestrian sport. This year’s event coincided with the May Day Holiday, so the number of audience at home and abroad in three days exceeded that of last year. The sharp increase in pedestrian volume and the complex and ever-changing risk brought great challenges to the event. This year, SAIB continued to arrange a series of comprehensive insurance in advance for the actual risks for the sponsor, and also continued to provide thoughtful on-site inspection services to provide assistance for the safe and orderly conduct of the competition.

The 2019 Longines Global Champions Tour in Shanghai brought many unforgettable excitements to Chinese equestrian enthusiasts. SAIB’s insurance arrangement and risk management created a comprehensive and effective “firewall” for the competition. It not only helps the sponsor to avoid various risks during the whole process of the competition, but also allows audience to spend a peaceful holiday while enjoying the top equestrian competition. At a time when China’s equestrian sports are developing rapidly and facing new opportunities, SAIB will continue to improve service quality, strive to create better risk barriers and better quality viewing experience, and contribute to the construction of Shanghai world-class international sports center and booming development of the Chinese equestrian industry.