SAIB held “Training Conference of Shanghai Municipal Road Front-line Maintenance Personnel Accident Insurance Pilot Project” (2019-05-07)

On April 26, 2019, in accordance with the request from Shanghai Road Administration Bureau, SAIB organized the Training Conference of Shanghai Municipal Road Front-line Maintenance Personnel Accident Insurance Pilot Project. Present at the meeting were those included Director of the Quality and Safety Department of Shanghai Road Administration Bureau Mr. Wu Shen and representatives of nearly 150 municipal road maintenance enterprises and supervision enterprises. Two deputy general managers of SAIB, Mr. Ying Minmin and Mr. Wang Chengbao, attended the conference.

At the beginning of the conference, the host of the conference, Mr. Wu Shen, gave a keynote speech, briefly expounded the significance, role and progress of the project, and put forward the purchase requirements for the municipal road maintenance and enterprises and supervision enterprises. Subsequently, SAIB introduced the insurance plan, the underwriting and claims operation procedures of the first-line maintenance personal accident insurance and other insurance related to maintenance enterprises, and held a Q& A session at the conference. During the conference, all the enterprises listened carefully to the lectures and actively asked questions, indicating that this project not only minimized the difficulties brought to the employees by accidental injuries, but also solved the worries of enterprise development.

Under the strong support of the Road Administration Bureau, the active cooperation of enterprises and the quality service of SAIB, the Pilot Project of Shanghai Municipal Road Front-line Maintenance Personal Accident Insurance not only reduced the probability of risk occurrence and the degree of risk, but also an emotional “bridge” between maintenance companies, supervision companies and their employees. This humanized project protects lives and properties of enterprises and maintenance persons, and also plays the role of social “stabilizer” and “shock absorber” of insurance, which raise the level of safety management and technical loss prevention during the maintenance process by means of general adoption of the market principle. It plays the professional advantages of insurance in disaster and loss prevention, and formed a closed loop of risk management and control for traffic safety management departments, road maintenance enterprises, supervision enterprises and even every maintenance personnel.