SAIB Was Nominated for the Most Concerned Insurance Company in 2016 by “China Insurance News”

Recently, being elected and evaluated by “China Insurance News”, SAIB, as the only insurance brokers company, was listed in the most concerned insurance companies in 2016.

Being the only insurance brokers company in the list, SAIB (UK) was granted the UK Insurance Broker Business License on October 17, 2016 which was the first business license from overseas insurance market in China, and has effectively promoted the internationalization process of Chinese insurance industry. SAIB’s nomination for the most concerned company in 2016 by “China Insurance News” fully recognized the perspectiveness as well as the significance on the internationalization development of the Company, and also provided a way of thinking for those domestic insurance brokers companies who intend to realize their development on specialization and differentiation.

In 2017, SAIB will continuously develop steadily as well as consolidate its internationalization development to provide the power in building up a healthy and well-organized insurance brokers industry in China.

The article of Most concerned insurance company in 2016 by “Chinese Insurance News”