Chairman Bao Rongqing was selected to the Most Important 100 Chinese in Shipping Industry List

The Most Important 100 Chinese in Shipping Industry List by China Shipping Hundred People Committee and was officially produced on 18, December, 2016, and Mr. Bao Rongqing, the Chairman of SAIB was selected in the list, having become one of Chinese people who was most paid attention in the shipping industry. Chairman Bao Rongqing is one of two people in the insurance industry in the list, and the other one is Mr. Eric Gao, the Chairman of Lloyd’s China.

The release of China Shipping Hundred People List is to honor contributions made to the development of China Shipping industry by all walks of shipping people, and it was attached high importance by China transport management authorities, shipping people, famous media and etc. after its first release in December, 2014, which has the strong authority, fairness and significant effects to shipping industry. The release of list in 2016 compiled and summarized the important people in Chinese shipping industry in 2016 once again, which has set up the example for healthy and continuous development of shipping market.

These years, the development of international shipping market is down. However, China, as the big country in shipping industry, has played more and more important role in the international shipping arena. SAIB always paid attention to the development of shipping market both abroad and home, strongly promoting series of insurance products suitable to the development of shipping industry. In 2016, SAIB developed Shanghai Cruise Cancellation and Delay Comprehensive Insurance considering features of China cruise travelling. In the future, SAIB will continue to make contributions to China shipping career.

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