UK subsidiary

   Introduction on UK subsidiary

After the field study and market research and under the guidance of CIRC intermediary department and British financial department, the SAIB has established its wholly-owned subsidiary recently in London by the name of Shanghai Asian Insurance Brokers(UK) Limited that is the first subsidiary purely owned by Chinese-capital insurance broker company.

As the global insurance center, London insurance market has the strict regulatory to the access and management of insurance institutions. According to the legislation in UK, Shanghai Asian Insurance Brokers(UK) Limited has been authorized by FCA with UK insurance broker business license.

The establishment of subsidiary of SAIB in London matches with the spirits of ‘outgoing’ encouraged by ‘new ten ideas’, as well as coordinating with the strategy of building the international financial center, preparing the regional insurance center and improving the development of free trade zone in Shanghai. It will play an active role in the internationalization of the domestic insurance industry, moreover show the demonstrative function for the healthy development. Its operation in UK will adhere to the local regulatory and international practice for the purpose of accumulation of its strength and the professional basis to make its contribution to the insurance industry domestically and globally.

Shanghai Asian Insurance Brokers(UK) Limited
Add: Holland House, 1-4 Bury Street, London
Zip code: EC3A 5AW
TEL: +44(0) 207469 2530