In December 2018, “Shanghai Asian Insurance Brokers Co., Ltd. was the first registered insurance broker of Lloyd’s in China.” was under the headline of “The Summary of the Fortieth Anniversary of the Reform and Opening up of the Shanghai Insurance Industry” released by “Shanghai Insurance”.

 In November 2018, SAIB successfully organized “2018 Summit Forum on Urban Risk Management”, which is the third time that SAIB successfully organized Summit Forum on Urban Risk Management.

 In November 2018, SAIB was invited to attend The 13th China Cruise Shipping Conference International Cruise Expo and delivered a keynote speech at the forum.

 In October 2018, as the only member of Brokerslink in Mainland China, SAIB attended 2018 Brokerslink Global Conference.

 In September 2018, SAIBUK was invited to attend the reception of the 69th Anniversary of the Founding of the People’s Republic of China hosted by the Chinese Embassy in the UK.

 In September 2018, SAIB was awarded “2018 Shanghai Cruise Service Contribution Award”.

 In September 2018, SAIB was invited to attend 2018 Lloyd’s Day hosted by Lloyd’s China.

 In August 2018, as the only invited Chinese insurance broker, SAIB signed the Cooperation Agreement with International Reinsurance Platform of SHIE.

 In June 2018, SAIB was invited to the 12th Shanghai Financial Services Real Economy Fair.

 In May 2018, Shanghai Catastrophe Insurance Pilot Scheme that SAIB acted as the risk consultant was officially launched in Huangpu District.

 In April 2018, SAIB was invited to compile the fascicule of the <Urban Risk Management Series> which was published by Tongji University Press.

 In March 2018, Shanghai Sport Bureau continued to appoint SAIB as risk management consultant.

 In January 2018, SAIBUK, as the cooperation partner of the event, attended first “China-UK Economic and Trade Forum” held by China Chamber of Commerce in the UK.

 In Dec 2017, entrusted by the Road and Transport Bureau of Heilongjiang Province and built by SAIB, the “Heilongjiang Provincial Road Transportation Third Party Safety Monitoring Platform” was officially launched in Harbin.

 In Dec 2017, entrusted by the Road and Transport Bureau of Sichuan Province and built by SAIB, the “Sichuan Provincial Road Transportation Third Party Safety Monitoring Platform” was officially launched in Chengdu.

 In Dec 2017, entrusted by the Road and Transport Bureau of Guangzhou City and built by SAIB, the “Guangzhou City Road Transportation Third Party Safety Monitoring Platform” was officially launched in Guangzhou.

 In Dec 2017, Shanghai Insurance Association held its 7th Council conference, and as the Vice President of the insurance association Mr. Bao Rongqing, the Chairman of SAIB, attended the conference and was re-elected as the Vice President of the Association.

 In Nov 2017, after successfully undertaking the 2016 forum, “2017 City Risk Management Summit Forum” was again undertaken successfully by SAIB.

 In Dec 2017, entrusted by the Road and Transport Bureau of Shaanxi Province and built by SAIB, the “Shaanxi Provincial Road Transportation Third Party Safety Monitoring Platform” was officially launched in Xi’an.

 In Oct 2017, the 2017 China Eastern and Western Traffic and Transport Cooperating Bureau Officials Symposium and the Second “Internet + Transportation” Innovation and Cooperation Forum was held in Lhasa, Tibet. SAIB attended the Symposium and has given a speech on “Develop the Data Platform, Innovate the Risk Control Mode, Serve the Transportation Industry”

 In Sept 2017, the Embassy of PRC in the UK grandly held the 68th Anniversary of the Founding of the PRC in the Langhan London. SAIBUK Chairman Kathy Pu was invited to the event.

 In Dec 2017, entrusted by the Road and Transport Bureau of Guizhou Province and built by SAIB, the “Guizhou Provincial Road Transportation Third Party Safety Monitoring Platform” was officially launched in Guiyang.

 In Aug 2017, as the operator of “Shanghai Road Transportation Third Party Safety Monitoring Platform”, SAIB attended and gave a subject report on “Construction, Promotion and Application Seminar of National Road Transportation Key Operating Vehicles Third Party Safety Monitoring Platform” sponsored by the Transportation Services Division of PRC Ministry of Transportation and co-undertaken by Shanghai Road Transport Industry Association and Shanghai Municipal Transportation Management Office.

 In Aug 2017, STV News reported the “Shanghai Road Transportation Third Party Safety Monitoring Platform” invested and built by SAIB

 In Dec 2017, entrusted by the Road Transportation Management Bureau of Xizang Autonomous Region and built by SAIB, the “Xizang Autonomous Region Road Transportation Third Party Safety Monitoring Platform” was officially launched in Lhasa.

 In Jul 2017, as the only member of that global broker union within Mainland China, SAIB attended APAC ERM Workshop convened by BrokersLink.

 In June 2017, Shanghai Asian Insurance Brokers (UK) Limited was elected the standing member of the Second Council of CCCUK.

 In June 2017, SAIB has won the voting for the Director Unit of the Specialized Committee of SIA with the highest score.

 In June 2017, the Road and Transport Bureau of Guizhou Province officially authorized Shanghai Asian Insurance Brokers Co. Ltd. to establish and operate the “Guizhou Provincial Road Transportation Third Party Dynamic Monitoring Platform”.

 In March 2017, China Insurance Regulatory Commission Shanghai Bureau awarded SAIB the title of“2016 Annual Advanced Unit for the Government Administrative Work”, and SAIB was the only insurance brokers company who was awarded the prize among 10 insurance institutions in Shanghai.

 In March 2017, approved by the Lloyd’s of London, Shanghai Asian Insurance Brokers (UK) Limited was granted the qualification of the Lloyd’s registered broker, and which means that Shanghai Asian Insurance Brokers Co. Ltd. has become the only one insurance brokers company in China whose subsidiary is also approved to be the Lloyd’s registered broker collectively with its parent company.

 In March 2017, the Road Transport Management Bureau of Tibet Autonomous Region officially authorized Shanghai Asian Insurance Brokers Co. Ltd. to establish and operate “the Road Transport Third Party Safety Monitoring Platform in Tibet Autonomous Region”.

 In January 2017, delegated by the Traffic Transport Bureau of Jiangsu Province, the Public Security Bureau of Jiangsu Province, and the Supervision and Administration of Production Safety Bureau of Jiangsu Province, “Jiangsu Provincial Road Transportation Third Party Safety Monitoring Platform” built by SAIB officially launched in the city of Nanjing.

 In December 2016, SAIB, as the only insurance brokers company, was listed in “The Most Concerned Insurance Companies in 2016” by “China Insurance News.

 In December 2016, Chairman Bao Rongqing of SAIB was selected to the Most Important 100 Chinese in Shipping Industry List.

 In December 2016, Shanghai Cruise Delay and Cancellation Comprehensive Insurance developed by SAIB was awarded to 2016 Shanghai Promotion of Modern Shipping Services Innovation Project.

 In November 2016, SAIB successfully organized 2016 International Symposium on City Risk Management.

 In November 2016, SAIB (UK) was invited to the Dinner hosted to Welcome His Excellency Mr. Ma Kai, Vice-Premier of People’s Republic of China.

 In October 2016, SAIB (UK) was officially approved UK Insurance Broker Business License by Finance Conduct Authority (FCA), and it is the first business license that a Chinese insurance brokers company got from overseas insurance market.

 In July 2016, Executive Director Ms. Pu Huiqiong of SAIB UK subsidiary was invited to be Honorary Vice Chairman of Association of Chinese Insurance Professionals in the UK.

 In March 2016, Chairman of Lloyd’s Mr.John Nelson paid a visit to SAIB.

 In November 2015, SAIB become the first Lloyd’s Registered Broker in China.

 In November 2015, Xinhuanet released a report on SAIB’s being the first Lloyd’s registered broker in China.

 In March 2015, UK Trade & Investment Minister Lord Livingston announced in Shanghai: Shanghai Asian Insurance Broker Co.,Ltd is the first Chinese insurance broker to set up a subsidiary in UK.

 In January 2015, SAIB set up its wholly-owned subsidiary Shanghai Asia (UK) Limited in London, UK.

 In January 2015, the Branch Office of SAIB was established in Pilot Free Trade Zone.

 In January 2015, “Shanghai Cargo Transporting Vehicle Third Party Safety Monitoring and Insurance Service Platform” was rewarded the magnificent demonstration project of “2014 Shanghai Service Industry Development and Instruction Fund”.

 In November 2014, a special report on SAIB provincial passenger transporting third party safety platform released in ‘China Insurance News‘.

 In July 2014, SAIB held “Safety Work Conference for Shanghai Taxi Industry”.

 In June 2014, SAIB held 2014 Forum of Enterprise Operation on Carrier’s Liability Insurance for Dangerous Goods Transportation Industry in Shanghai.

 In May 2014, SAIB was elected to be a vice-director of the insurance intermediary expertise committee of Insurance Association of China.

 In April 2014, SAIB and Cover-More completely launched Technical Communication for Travel Insurance.

 In March 2014, SAIB was awarded the title of “Women’s Civilization” in Shanghai in 2013.

 In January 2014, Shanghai Provincial Passengers Transportation Safety Monitor Platform created by SAIB was Launched.

 In November 2013, SAIB sponsored the 2013 enterprise session on carrier liability insurance of Shanghai dangerous cargoes transportation industry.

 In November 2013, SAIB sponsored the session on dangerous cargo transportation industry safety management in Shanghai.

 In October 2013, SAIB and Cover-More Group entered into Cooperation Agreement to jointly develop the domestic traveling insurance market.

 In October 2013, SAIB participated in The 5th Global Conference of BrokersLink in Singapore.

 In October 2013, SAIB sponsored the 2013 training session on Shanghai inter-provincial passengers transport safety.

 In September 2013, SAIB organized the workshop on claim-handling for passengers bodily injury of Shanghai taxi industry 2013.

 In August 2013, “The Core Values Ideal of the Insurance Industry Guiding Insurance Brokering Industry to A New Era” by Mr. Bao Rongqing, Chairman of SAIB, was released in front page of China Insurance News.

 In July 2013, SAIB was awarded honorary title of Shanghai Safety Company in 2012.

 In June 2013, SAIB entered into service commitment for members of Shanghai Insurance Association.

 In May 2013, SAIB was awarded the title of 2012 Huangpu District Harmonious Labor Relations Model Enterprise.

 In May 2013, Mr. Bao Rongqing, the chairman and general manager of SAIB, was re-elected as the vice president of the Shanghai Insurance Association.

 In April 2013, SAIB co-sponsored the 2013 workshop on safety production and insurance claims for Shanghai inter-provincial passenger transport enterprises.

 In April 2013, SAIB acquired honorary title of “Advanced Company” in its competition of ”‘Work Together to Maintain Growth, Harmony Promotion of Production’ for Advanced Team , Individual and Rationalization Proposals in 2012”. The Casualty Division acquired honorary title of “Advanced Team Meritorious Contest” and Mr. Wang Shihua, a member of administration division, acquired honorary title of “Advanced Individual”.

 In March 2013, as the only representative from Shanghai insurance brokers companies, SAIB took the responsibility for compiling Shanghai Annals ·Finance Branch· Insurance Volume (1978-2010)”.

 In February 2013, SAIB acquired the title of “Excellent Trainee Base” by assessment of Occupational Training Center in Xuhui District in 2012.

 In December, 2012, SAIB, as an only representative of the insurance brokers in Shanghai, jointed the Delegation of Shanghai CPPCC, and visited insurance industry in UK & U.S.

 In September 2012, SAIB was awarded with the title of “Safe Unit of Shanghai of 2011” by Shanghai Comprehensive Management of Social Security Committee. SAIB has got the honor for two consecutive years.

 In June 2012, the Shanghai Municipality released the list for Shanghai Financial Innovation Award. The SAIB earned the nomination for ‘Oil pollution liability insurance for Ships in Inner Rivers in association with CPIC, from that SAIB is the only insurance brokers company in cooperation with the insurance company to get the award nomination.

 In May 2012, SAIB as the only insurance broker company was invited to join the research group of Shanghai CPPCC for “Accelerating the development of Shanghai insurance brokers industry” group.

 In May 2012, SAIB, as a consultant for professional risk management for the Shanghai Municipal Transport and Port Authority, took the effective measures in dealing with the sinking of a ship at Wusongkou. The case has come to a successful settlement under the guidance of MSA and communication between the parties concerned.

 In April 2012, SAIB, as a consultant for professional risk management for the Shanghai Municipal Transport and Port Authority, was immediately involved in the handling of the traffic accident occurred in Changshu, that leads to a successful settlement of the claim.

 In April 2012, The Chairman & General Manager, Mr. Bao Rong Qing, who is the only representative on behalf of national insurance intermediary, participated in the forum of national insurance reform and development hosted by Mr. Wang Qi Shan, Vice Premier of State Council of PRC.

 In March 2012, SAIB attended the 2012 Brokerslink Asia-Pacific Conference in Taipei.

 In December 2011, Shanghai Traffic Transportation Trade Association (STTTA) appointed SAIB as risk management consultant. The appointment is valid for five years.

 In December 2011, as the insurance consultant for Shanghai Municipal Transport and Port Authority, SAIB organized safety training for Shanghai taxi industry.

 In November 2011, Shanghai Environmental Protection Bureau appointed SAIB as risk management consultant. The appointment is valid for three years.

 In November 2011, Shanghai MSA and SAIB held assessment meeting on the promotion of Shanghai oil pollution liability insurance.

 In November 2011, Auto Department of SAIB was honored with the title of “Excellent Group” and Wu Yinjun, General Manager Assistant of Shipping Department, was honored with the title of “Excellent Individual” in “2011 Meritorious Contest And Excellent Performance” by East Nanjing Road Community Trade Union.

 In November 2011, as the insurance consultant for Shanghai Municipal Transport and Port Authority, SAIB organized safety training for Shanghai passenger carrier companies.

 In October 2011, appointed by Shanghai Municipal Civil Defense Office, SAIB organized tendering and bidding on Shanghai Underground Space Comprehensive Liability Insurance.

 In October 2011, SAIB was awarded “Excellent Group” of blood donation of the year 2010 in Xuhui District.

 In September 2011, SAIB assisted to hold the press conference of Shanghai Road Transport Association on “Perform the Service Function of the Association and Create New Safety Management Mode”.

 In September 2011, MD Bao Rongqing was elected as member of the First CPPCC Shanghai Huangpu Committee.

 In August 2011, Government Offices Administration of Zhabei District appointed SAIB as its insurance consultant. The appointment is valid for three years.

 In August 2011, SAIB ranked first and was awarded “Five Stars” in 2010 Shanghai Insurance Brokers Credit Rating.

 In July 2011, SAIB Waigaoqiao Business Division opened for business with CIRC Shanghai Bureau’s approval.

 In June 2011, SAIB was honored with the title “Safe Unit of Shanghai” by Shanghai municipal government.

 In June 2011, SAIB was honored with the title “Model Unit in Huangpu District” by Huangpu Government.

 In May 2011, SAIB was appointed by Mercedes-Benz to make placement for Prize Contract Insurance. The policy was the first of this kind in China.

 In April 2011, the opening ceremony of the first ’SAIB Insurance Service Center’ in China was held in the Okura Garden Hotel Shanghai. Leaders from China Insurance Regulatory Commission (CIRC) Shanghai Bureau, Shanghai Municipal Office of Finance Service and Government of Luwan District attended the ceremony and delivered orations.

 In March 2011, SAIB was appointed as the risk management consultant by Shanghai Road Transportation Trade Association and became a member of the Association.

 In March 2011, SAIB ranked 17th in 2010 Insurance Intermediary Market Report disclosed by CIRC. Meanwhile, SAIB remained first in Yangtze Delta area.

 In March 2011, appointed by Chrysler Group (China) Sales Ltd. as the sole broker, SAIB provided all the vehicle insurance services in a special marketing activity.

 In February 2011, SAIB promoted the oil pollution liability insurance in Shanghai. The first insurance network of oil pollution liability insurance set up in Maritime Safety Administration Shanghai Wusong Branch was put into use.

 In December 2010, SAIB participated in the survey on Development of Shanghai Insurance Professional Intermediary Market that GM Bao would attend the activity in the whole process. The activity was guided by Shanghai Bureau of CIRC and Shanghai Insurance Association.

 In December 2010, SAIB made arrangement for inviting public bidding on construction and erection insurance for Shanghai Shendi Construction Co., Ltd.. The public bidding involved two construction items which lie in Chuansha A-1 region.

 In November 2010, Shanghai World Expo Coordination Board sent a thanks letter to SAIB, meanwhile honored an employee of SAIB with title of ‘Excellent League Member at Expo Site’. Four governmental departments including Huangpu District Labor Union collectively awarded ‘Safe Expo and Harmonious Labor Relations’ advanced community title to SAIB.

 From July to October 2010, SAIB propelled the Expo insurance work continuously and accomplished it. Under the highly emphasis and strong support of the SAIB’s leaders, the whole staff of SAIB took advantage of its distinctive knowledge and skills as the insurance broker with the spirit of patriotism, serving for the public, cooperation as a whole, hardworking, innovation and distribution, that assured the high-quality insurance service for the World Expo.

 In October 2010, Organizing Committee and Executive Committee of World Expo Shanghai China honored SAIB with Certificate of Appreciation collectively.

 In October 2010, SAIB was appointed as professional risk management consultant by Shanghai Ferry Co., Ltd.

 In October 2010, SAIB provided risk management consultant for the 14th Shanghai Sports Meeting.

 In October 2010, SAIB won ‘five-star’ reward in 2009 Shanghai Insurance Intermediaries Credit Rating which was organized by Shanghai Bureau CIRC. It has been the third time for SAIB to win the highest rating since 2007.

 In September 2010, Communist Party of China Huangpu district commission and Huangpu government honored SAIB with ‘Huangpu Expo Excellent Community’ collectively, meanwhile honored an employee of SAIB with ‘Huangpu Expo Excellent Individual’.

 In September 2010, as the delegation member, SAIB went to Taiwan for the second time this year bringing with a new solution on group life insurance for mainland piscatorial workers together with related departments.

 In September 2010, SAIB and SINAPDC held a seminar on marine energy insurance.

 In August 2010, SAIB was appointed as insurance consultant by Shanghai Donghu Vehicle Service Company.

 In July 2010, SAIB was appointed as insurance consultant by Shanghai Traffic Transport and Port Administration Bureau.

 In July 2010, SAIB was appointed as insurance consultant by Jiaohua Co., Ltd. attached to Huayi Group for the second time.

 From January to June 2010, SAIB went on undertaking the mission of 2010 Expo insurance as the consultant. Before the opening of Expo, SAIB made arrangements of insurance issues in order to prevent mistakes and neglect. During the process of Expo, SAIB served for the Expo orderly with professional ethics and knowledge to made contribution to the grand exhibition.

 In June 2010, SAIB held instruction meeting on Comprehensive Liability Insurance for Taiwan piscatorial workers in Taiwan. After communicating with related personnel in Taiwan, SAIB developed the relationship with them which would be the basis for future cooperation.

 In May 2010, GM Bao was elected as expert by Credit Rating Office of Insurance Intermediary Agency.

 In April 2010, seminar on 2010 Expo Ferry Insurance co-sponsored by SAIB and Shanghai Ferry Co., Ltd was held successfully. SAIB accomplished the task of Expo insurance.

 In April 2010, SAIB was engaged as risk management consultant for Shanghai Associations of Enterprises Funded by Taiwan Compatriots(AETCs).

 In April 2010, GM Bao was elected as national model entrepreneur of insurance industry and member of CPPCC Huangpu district.

 In April 2010, SAIB provided insurance services for Shanghai Oriental Sports Center. The insurance arrangements and public bidding SAIB made were appreciated by the client.

 In March 2010, SAIB was engaged as insurance consultant for Exploitation and Construction Administration Committee Office of Changxing Island.

 In March 2010, SAIB was engaged as professional risk management consultant for Shanghai Municipal Civil Defense Office.

 In February 2010, SAIB was engaged as professional insurance consultant for Shanghai-Taiwan Service Center to provide risk management for Taiwan compatriots and enterprises.

 In December 2009, SAIB was appointed as the Professional Risk Management Consultant by Shanghai Water Authority (Shanghai Municipal Ocean Bureau).

 In December 2009, SAIB was regarded as “the Advanced Unit of 2nd Shanghai Insurance Economic Census”.

 In September 2009, SAIB was reworded for five-star credit rating in ‘2008 Shanghai Insurance Intermediary Credit Rating’ released by CIRC Shanghai Bureau.

 In September 2009, SAIB was elected as vice-president of East Nanjing Rd Neighborhood Enterprise Confederation.

 In August 2009, SAIB successfully co-sponsored the 2009 International Forum on World Expo Insurance.

 In July 2009, SAIB is retained by Bright Food (Group) as specialty risk consultant to provide insurance management service.

 In April 2009, SAIB won the bids for its first name on comprehensive evaluation to be the specialty risk consultant for Shanghai Party Institute of CCP Shanghai Administration Institute.

 In March 2009, together with Shanghai Academy of Environmental Science, SAIB held “2009 International Seminar on Environmental Liability” to discuss the promotion on Environmental Liability insurance in Shanghai with more than hundreds of governmental relatives, experts in/or abroad, insurance companies and related leaders.

 In February 2009, SAIB won the bids of utterly advantage for Shanghai Jiaohua co., Ltd to be insurance consultant for its Group.

 In December 2008, SAIB joined insurance management group for Shanghai Huayi (Group) to participate in the company’s production and risk management.

 In November 2008, SAIB was invited to join in the group of “Environmental pollution liability insurance” set up by Shanghai Financial Service office, Shanghai Environmental Protect Bureau and CIRC to make research on Shanghai Environmental pollution liability insurance system which is highly accepted by Shanghai Environmental Protect Bureau for its lofty level and hardworking spirit.

 Sponsored by SAIB and Shanghai Sports Bureau, to win 660,000,000 sum of insured for athletes attended in 2008 Biejing Olympic Games which was the most comprehensive and highly compensation of risk insurance In Nov. 2008.

 SAIB was appointed as specialty risk consultant for Shanghai Sports Bureau in July 2008.

 In June 2008, Shanghai Asian Insurance Broker and Lloyd’s China jointly organized International Seminar on Sports Insurance. Leaders come of Shanghai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang Sports Bureau, representatives of Lloyd’s China, well-known underwriters Sportscover and Australian Embassy Counsellor attended the seminar. The seminar was surrounded on how to seize opportunities, meet challenges and how to exert insurance services to sports. In the forthcoming of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the seminar fully reflects the round-participation in the insurance brokerage industry risk management, building services industry and the professional attitude of the spirit.

  MD Bao, as the delegate of Shanghai Insurance Intermediary Enterprises, was chose as the new Vice-chairman of Council on the meeting of the fifth member summit held by Shanghai Insurance Association In May, 2008.

  In Oct. 2007, International Seminar of Marine Insurance which conducted by SAIB and co-sponsored by Lloyd’s China and CCS Shanghai Branch was held in Shanghai. More than sixty delegates came from Shanghai Insurance Association, Port & Harbour Association, Lloyd’s China, UK P&I Club, well-known shipping companies, ocean transportation companies and marine production enterprises took part in the seminar. The leaders and marine insurance experts showed their wonderful speech on the topic of how to push forward the development of marine insurance in order to improve and guarantee our shipping industry. Some medias such as the First Financial Channel, the First Financial Daily, JF Daily and Shanghai Evening Post came to the seminar for gathering news.

  As the only insurance broker, Shanghai Asian Insurance Broker joined the group of “Shanghai International Re-insurance Centre Construction Research” which conducted by Shanghai Governmental and Financial Service Office. SAIB build a research group, helps to rebuild re-insurance which affirmed by the government.

  In 2007, the fisher folk project has successfully started which serve nearly 2000 personnel which provided a majority of comprehensive protection for fishermen.

 In 2007, Shanghai Asian Insurance Brokers set service networks in ten central cities of China, offer quality services for more than 150,000 employees that make its Health Risks service platform marketization which praised and affirmed by Wu Dingfu on insurance intermediary meeting twice.

 As the only Chinese-funded insurance consultant for the Expo, Shanghai Asian Insurance Brokers continuously offer its insurance service which helps to collect insurance service project, to do research and demonstrate on co-insurance system construction, to set down commercial insurance project, to make ideas of provision risks, legal risks and commercial risks in 2007.

 In first half of 2007, Shanghai Asian Insurance Brokers was ranked third in Professional Intermediary Institution credit Evaluation raised by CIRC and ranked first in Chinese-funded Institutions which was praised for “five-stars” of 2007 Shanghai Insurance Intermediary Institution Unit.

 The second PanAsian Alliance Brokers Summit conducted by SAIB together with New World insurance broker held in Shanghai in May. The members of PAA which come from Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, TaiWan and Hongkong as well as delegates that come from insurance companies took part in the conference.

 In April 2007, AIB finished renewing coverage of “Kan Tan IV” drilling platform, enhance flight insurance and P&I, the insurance limitation is also opened up to about 120 million U.S. dollars; SAIB successfully finished comprehensive insurance arrangement for “Kan Tan III” drilling platform with premium of 260 million RMB.

 Managing Director Mr. Bao Rong Qing took part in the China Insurance Intermediary Seminar and gave a speech of his experience and practice as well on the topic of how to develop insurance intermediary market together with how to serve economic society and insurance progress in April 2007.

 SAIB took part in the “2007 China International Insurance Intermediary Seminar” which was held by China Insurance Industry Intermediary Committee in March 2007. Mr. Bao Rong Qing, Managing Director of SAIB was invited to give a speech of the topic.

 The Changes Session Conference of specially invited supervisors of Party Incorrupt Conduct was held by CIRC Shanghai Bureau on Jan. Mr. Bao Rong Qing, Managing Director of SAIB and representative of insurance intermediaries, was recommended and re-nominated as one of the third batch of supervisors. This was the re-nomination of MD Bao since the last nomination.

 In December 2006, on the Insurance Intermediary Council held by Shanghai Insurance Association, Mr. Bao Rong Qing, Managing Director of SAIB was elected as Deputy Director of Shanghai Insurance Intermediary Committee.

  In October 2006, a delegation of SAIB, headed by Mr. Bao Rong Qing (Jeff Bao), Managing Director, visited Lloyd’s of London and was met by Mr. Alderman David Brewer, the Lord Mayor of city of London. The Lord Mayor gave his high regard to the visit by the delegation in local insurance market and considered it as the pride of China insurance intermediary industry. During their visit in London, they visited the main syndicates such as UK P&I club, QBE and Beazley, etc., as well as Willington and West of England. The delegation was warmly received by the people from the insurance industry there. Meanwhile, the delegation was paid great attention to by local media. The correspondent of Insurance Day interviewed Mr. Bao Rong Qing and released an article on his successful visit in the front page of the paper.

  In July 2006, SAIB stood top from a wealth of domestic and overseas insurance broker companies to be appointed as insurance consultant for China 2010 Shanghai Expo by Finance working Commission of Shanghai Municipality, Shanghai World Expo Bureau and Shanghai Insurance Regulatory Bureau. In August, SAIB signed the cooperation agreement with Shanghai World Expo Bureau officially.

  In July 2006, SAIB was appointed by the SuZhou Municipality to undertake the insurance broker for SuZhou Agriculture Insurance. The first piece of Agriculture Insurance policy designed by SAIB had been issued in ChangShu JiangSu Province. The SuZhou Agriculture Insurance program signed SAIB had successfully made the practice of fulfilling the spirit of insurance-serving-agriculture.

In June 2006, SAIB successfully executed the operation of insurance project for the mobile offshore units–KanTan 3, KanTan 4 of Sinopec Overseas Oil & Gas Limited, and placed the reinsurance in the overseas market. The insurance amount stood 13 billions RMB, which indicated the breakthrough in terms of Energy Insurance and Reinsurance of SAIB.

  In June 2006, as the only representative of local insurance brokers, SAIB took part in the conference of the “ The opening-up of China Insurance Industry ” which was launched by the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Commerce of People’s Republic of China and the China Insurance Regulatory Commission. The General Manager Mr. Bao Rong Qing gave a brief introduction of the development of SAIB at the conference.

 In May 2006, the insurance project for Tai Wan Cross-strait fisherman had been brought into practice formally. The insurance proposal tailored by SAIB for clients targeted the combination of property and life insurance , it fully protected fisherman’s legal rights and benefits. This is the first nation-wide governmental insurance project in SAIB history.

 In March 2006, The foundation meeting of Panasian Alliance was held in Hong Kong. The insurance broker representatives from Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippine participated in the meeting. As the only representative of mainland insurance broker, SAIB made the speech to introduced the development of company which arouse the highlight from participants in the conference.

In November 2005, Mr. Bao Rong Qing, the General Manager of SAIB visited Lloyd’s market in London for cooperation expansion. SAIB’s presence in London had been warmly welcomed and highly rated by the Lloyds’ insurance industry, and it had showed the professionalism and spirits of Chinese insurance brokers to the world, as well as new stage’s opening up for the international communication and cooperation of SAIB.

 In May 2005,it marked the 10th anniversary for Shanghai Asian Insurance Brokers Co., Ltd.’s being insurance intermediary in Shanghai. During the past ten years, SAIB has transacted premium standing RMB 0.738 billion, completed the taxation more than RMB25 millions . The total assets of SAIB arrived at 28 millions and the brand of “SAIB” has been increased year by year.

 In Feburary 2004, SAIB became an insurance broker named as Shanghai Asian Insurance Brokers Co.Ltd. and the membership of China Insurance Association.

  In 2002, SAIB became membership of Shanghai Insurance Trade Association and elected as its member of standing committee.

 In June 2002, SAIB set up its claim service centre both for property and life insurance under the management of professional medical doctors and property underwriters. The hotline was open 24 hours a day seven day a week with charge free.

 In January 2002, it became Shanghai Asian Insurance Agent Co.Ltd. and placed insurance with insurance companies with collection of premium in the amount of ¥150,000,000.

 In September 2000, recommended jointly by the Shanghai Municipal Economic System Research Association, Shanghai Insurance Trade Association, Shanghai Insurance Society, PICC Shanghai Branch and China Life Shanghai Branch, we applied for CIRC as professional insurance agent.

 In July 1999, SAIB were admitted by Shanghai Insurance Association as Membership that is the first member from non-insurance company.

 In 1988, all staffs of the SAIB, acted as insurance agent for PICC, passed the qualification examination. It is listed top no. 1 in Shanghai.

 From 1995 to 1997, SAIB had placed the insurance with the insurance companies with the premium aggregated to ¥100 million listed top no. 1 in the industry.

In Feburary 1996, SAIB were the first company to submit the application for the professional insurance agent to the People’s Bank of China.

 In May 1995, Shanghai Asian Insurance Agent Co.,Ltd. has set up and empowered with the qualifiication of part-time insurance agent.