Professional Experience
With the professional expertise for risk management, we could provide our clients with professional insurance proposal and comprehensive post service which meets the needs of various industries and persons.

Comprehensive Post Service
With our experience in underwriting and claim settlement, we are the first insurance broker to set up an customer service centre with advanced Information technology. Under the power of attorney of many insurance companies, we take our rich experience to offer our best service to our clients.

Sophisticated Management System
Helped by financial & IT persons, SAIB has developped management information system mattched with the development of the intermediary market that is very efficient in avoidance of the operational risk.

Comprehensive Customers
A a long term of operation, we have established a good relationship with our clients, among them are not only the state-owned big & media enterperises but also the enterperises with foreign capital listed in World 500 , joint ventures in the field of ports, hotels, commercial & industrial and service organizaitons including the high risky industries such as exploration of oil & petroleum, ship building, ocean and coast shipping.

Professional Consultancy
We have appointed professionals from industries of insurance, shipping, construction, petrolieum and law as our consultants and set up good relationship with major law firms and assessors for the purposes of protecting the insurance interest. We like a very very strong umbrella in protecting our clients from risks.